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2021 Dyson Bikes Mixte



Our new 20-inch Adventure Folding e-bike. Available in two great colours - Midnight Blue (almost black) and Blue.

Things you'll love:

Our Adventure Folding electric bike has a removable 11.6AH battery pack cleverly integrated in the alloy frame. 

The battery can be easily removed in about 30 seconds - simply open the hinge, fold the bike and then slide the battery out. Charge the battery using the included 240V charger (either within the bike or once you've removed it) which features a Battery Management System or with a 12-Volt version (available separately) for charging from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket. Spare batteries and chargers are available for purchase separately.

The motor is controlled by the inbuilt computer which senses the revolutions of the crank, so the faster you pedal the more it ‘helps’ you along by using the powerful 250 Watt electric motor to spin the rear wheel for you. For your safety, the motor assistance cuts out as soon as you pull either brake level or stop pedalling.

The major feature of this e-bike is that it easily folds for storage and transport. You do not need any special tools - you simply release the locking mechanism with your hands and then fold the bicycle, then a second latch allows you to fold the head stem! Once folded, the bike will fit easily in most vehicles. The approximate maximum dimensions when folded are 88 x 69 x 40cm.


Our folding e-bikes are ideally suited to city commuters, apartment dwellers or travellers who like to store their bikes in their cars or vans.

There's no such thing as a headwind on an electric bike!

The technical stuff:

  • Battery: 11.6Ah (420Wh) 36-volt Lithium-ion Samsung Cells, weight 2.3kgs, frame mounted with keyed lock
  • Range: Approximately 50-90kms, up to 5-hours on assist level 1^
  • Charger: 2-amp C-tick approved, charge time approx. 6-8 hours from full battery discharge
  • Motor: 250 Watt Brushless DC geared rear hub, rear mounting
  • Assist Function: Pedal Assist 
  • Display: Back lit LCD, 7 levels of assist (0 no assist, 6 Pedal Assist)
  • Frame: Folding Aluminium
  • Gears: Shimano 7 speeds, (14-28T) on rear with twist grip shift, 52T Crank
  • Wheels: 20-inch Double Wall Alloy rims with Stainless steel 13G spokes
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Big Ben with regular car tyre valve
  • Cadence Sensor: Enclosed type
  • Seat: Comfort seat with quick release clamp for easy height adjustment from 71.5 to 106 cm in height
  • Handlebars and stem: Alloy, folding height adjustable from 102 - 109 cm
  • Front Forks: Suspension type
  • Kick stand: Alloy, centre mount
  • Weight: 20.2 including battery (2.3kgs)
  • Pedals: Folding
  • Brakes: Tektro, cable operated with alloy levers featuring integrated power cut outs and bell

^The range on a full charge is affected by many external factors, such as the weight of the rider, the terrain and winds.


We have a large range of accessories available to modify your new electric bike to suit your personality or style.

Maintenance and Spare Parts:

We stock a range of spare parts if needed. For your peace of mind we cover all our bikes for 12-months and this includes all components. Some terms and conditions apply.

As with regular push bikes, some maintenance is required to ensure your new e-bike continues to perform as it is intended to. The electric system is maintenance free beyond ensuring you take care of the battery and keep it charged.

How much does it cost to ship?

Electric bikes are shipped by road freight around Australia and the cost is generally a flat $49, however we many need to charge an additional amount to ship to some rural or remote locations. Examples of these locations are ones outside of city locations or in areas such as Western Australia, Far North Queensland or the Northern Territory, typically these locations are $100 - $150. If this is the case we will contact you to discuss, or feel free to contact us before placing an order.

Any questions?

We've compiled a list of FAQ's, however, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Try one today!

Riding an electric bike is fun and will make you feel like a kid again!  We love being in this business - every time someone rides one of our e-bikes they come back extremely happy and revitalised - It is a unique experience that always far exceeds people’s expectations! 

Ready to buy? Simply press 'Add to Cart' above! We also have a national dealer network so you're certain to find a store near you - take a look at our 'Where to Buy' page . 

We also welcome you to come and try any of our range of electric bikes at our head office in Moorabbin in Melbourne’s South East, call us on 03 9503 8880 to book a suitable time.


What our customers say:

"I feel as if I am 30 years younger riding this bike and it is easy and quiet. I do not need to add much power and love going up the hills" Lyndra E.

"I purchased this ebike as a gift for my wife. The delivery dispatch was so efficient that it arrived a week early for her birthday. We assembled it with ease in no more than 10mins. I have test ridden other ebikes that were twice the price and this one performs on par with the much dearer ebikes. Anyone in the market for an ebike should seriously checkout the Dyson range before spending a small fortune on something similar at a bike shop that's nearly twice the price. The folding aspect on this model is great for both storage and transport. The folding frame feels just as rigid as a non folding bike, a genuine feel of quality. Overall very happy with both the ebike and the level of customer service we have received thus far." Mick

"I am impressed by the quality of the bike – it feels as solid as the proverbial outhouse and rides really, really well." David C.

"We had a ride yesterday arvo & another this morning & we are totally rapt with them!" Ferg

"To say I am impressed with Dyson Bikes customer service is an understatement. Fantastic Dyson, and you Dave for your service excellence. I wish all companies had the same level of care, and attention to detail that you do" Greg H.


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